Exeter Gig

Tom, Me and a few friends went to the exeter gig on sunday and it can only be described as completely awesome!

The 10 of us took a minibus up from Truro in Cornwall to Exeter at 4pm, so we got there around 6. Right on time to go straight in the guestlist line and walk in. We got our silver VIP wristbands but decided not to sit, but to stay in the crowd for the atmosphere. Unfortunatly the first band were crap and Elbow were just plain boring. We went off and got a few lagers and some chips before heading back to to watch the mighty Muse. The performance was amazing in every possible way; they used all sorts of weird and wonderful light effects, visualisations and props to complete the performance. The encore included Blackout and SS (complete with mini riff at the end)

When that was over we collected our group together and those of us who didnt have the vip passes went back to the minibus, but Tom, Liz (my beautiful girlfriend :P) and I enterd the line for the VIP Party. It was great, we went and got ourselves some drinks before catching up with some people Tom knows. We talked to Dennis (Muse manager) who was great to make conversation with however our main intention was to see the band and get some photo's (if not interviews) for the site, however they were bisy for quite a while and we only saw Chris the bassist. If only we could have had another hour we would have been ok but unfortunatly the minibus driver would'nt wait any longer and we had to leave.

In the end things went very well if not for the site then for us the gig was brilliant. The party afterwards was a laugh and it turned out to be a great night. We have taken some photo's which have been uploaded to the site, a new section has been added which is for members only and shows photo's of the VIP party and other special moments - however all the other pictures have been uploaded into other catogories and will be avaiable for everyone.


1.Apocalypse Please
3.New Born
4.Sing For Absolution
5.Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
6.Citizen Erased
7.Piano Interlude
8.Space Dementia
11.Butterflies and Hurricanes
12.Micro Cuts
13.Forced In
14.Muscle Museum
16.Time Is Running Out
17.Plug In Baby
19.Stockholm Syndrome


End of gig Giant balloons!!