Exclusive to MuseliveCom Muse to Add Fourth Member

We just received word from a very reliable source that Muse will be adding a fourth member to the band by the time they release their new album. Sources suggest that this member will be adding a new layer to the band - specialising on the keyboard (also some impressive vocals - see attached video).

Muse hope this wont change the face of the band and welcome all fans on comments and suggestions on how to integrate arcsin(X^2).

We have kindly been sent a short video clip of the new member - our source has declined to mention who he's called, but the video demonstrates some of his vocal talent and passion for the Music.

Please dont milk our bandwidth! Download the clip, Click Here - (MP4 file format).

we have not been hacked - this was a joke. A round of applause for SuperAndy - the star of the video.