Everyone Run Run To Your Excitement Stations


We have a fantabulous competition for y'all!

Do you remember that gig Muse did a month or so ago? Wembley Stadium I think it was? Anyway, you might remember them having played Plug In baby? There was balloons, confetti and a whole lot of jazz (rock).

Your Mission: Cap'n and I have decided it would be fun to run a competition to see who can create the best fan edit of Plug In Baby, from Wembley Stadium (16th June).

So, you don't think you're any good at editing? Think that no more! Check out http://www.motionbox.com and http://www.jumpcut.com - they allow for easy online video editing!

So, to get things started we've created a few more SYS sections:

PIB Videos (16th June) - Please upload ANY videos you have of PIB from Wembley Stadium here!

PIB Edits (16th June) - Please upload your edits to THIS folder. If you would prefer to keep them private, just say so in the SYS topic and we'll keep them that way!

To make this as good as possible, we need as many videos in the first SYS topic as possible. This means that there are lots and lots of different videos, from different angles, which people can use to create their perfect video. We'll start you off by uploading some ones we've already found.

Now a few things to note...

1) Audio quality is NOT important, however the sequencing of videos IS. A few seconds out here or there is acceptable, but the audio transitions between each video should be continuous.

2) Deadline - 20 days time.


It's top secret, I'm afraid - but trust us, it will be utterly mentally awesome. No joke.

PM me () if you have any questions!