Eden Review Bootlegs

Thanks to Clunge (and his Father) for letting us host their video footage of the Eden Session gig. We'll hopefully have an audio bootleg for you in the coming days.

Muse - Eden Sessions [Video]

Tom Wilson
Muse at Eden Project, Bodelva - 22/08/06

Crashing guitar solos, falsetto vocals and more than enough zaniness to fill a really big bucket. One of those ones which you plant trees in. Yeah, that's a lot of Zaniness.

Our day started at 2pm, eager to get in queue for the best live show we have ever seen. Upon arrival we were told that the guest list papers wouldn't be at the office until 4:30 - this later turned out to be 5:30 - Eden lied. So, what would any normal person do for 3 hours to pass the time? The answer was obvious - we stared at the naked people in the exhibition and listened to Matt bludgeon his piano into submission during their sound check.

We were finally let into the venue with our shiny new wristbands, all yellow and pink. Some more queuing and then, finally, a stampede to get to the front. Roger came on stage to talk about The Helen Foundation and introduce the winners of their support competition - Hey Molly (who hail from Devon) and Nixon and the Burn (who describe their genre as Scuzz - not a good sign).

Hey Molly arrived to rapturous applause and adapted to the stage like a fish to water, whilst Nixon and the Burn, either suffering from nerves or just plain dull, fell flat.

Muse arrived on stage quarter of an hour late, immediately releasing our devil from hell to work its magic on the crowd. Opening song, Knights of Cydonia, was matched in awesomeness by the crowd's energy as we all surged forward as one. I felt for the poor man behind us who complained, ¨I don't like all this pushing and shoving¨ - that was before Muse came on. Backwards and forwards, side to side and God knows where else, we moved together. The security rescued the weaker among us from ¨the pit¨ whilst the crowd surfers were sent around on a continuous cyclic journey.

Riff after riff after riff, Muse never kept their set free from noise, allowing the likes of Bob Dylan to, in spirit, grace the stage with his presence. Muse have always had a reputation of being bloody awesome live, but tonight was something else. The majestic surroundings of The Eden Project were perfect for Muse's space age prog pomp cactus wheelbarrow rock, and the crowd knew it. Dom shouts, ¨you lot down there were fucking mental¨, pointing towards the misty pit.

A double encore ends their set, featuring classics Time is Running Out and Stockholm Syndrome, to end on the fear inducing Take a Bow. Open mouths fill the arena as Muse calmly walk off the stage. That sad emptiness which accompanies any good gig at the end feeling stronger than ever.

Muse have truly perfected their live show, and although such classics as Citizen Erased and Muscle Museum didn't make an appearance, what we witnessed tonight more than made up for it. Next stop, Mars.