Ebay - Live 8 Tickets - Announcement

In case you haven't heard I thought I'd post this announcement I found on ebay. In my opinion this is the best thing they could have done, shame they allowed it to happen in the first place but everyone makes mistakes, at least they fixed theirs.

Dear all,
Today you have made it very clear to us that our previous decision to allow the sale of LIVE 8 tickets on eBay.co.uk was not one that the vast majority of you agreed with. As a result of this clear signal from the Community we have decided to prohibit the resale of LIVE 8 tickets on the site.

Although the resale of tickets is not illegal, we think that this is absolutely the right thing to do. We have listened to the views you expressed on the discussion boards and in the many emails you have sent to us. We shall be working over the next few hours to remove all LIVE 8 ticket listings from the site.

Thanks for taking the time to contact us and make your views heard,


Doug McCallum
Managing Director, eBay (UK) Ltd.
On behalf of the whole eBay.co.uk team