DVD Tracklist Confirmed

For all the grumpy fans out there...


Muse will be touring again next year to promote their new album - they'll most likely be doing huge arena shows etc, and possibly even Earls Court again - who knows. What I'm trying to say is that Earls Court 04 was nothing TOO special, whereas Glastonbury was a once in a life time performance. It may NEVER happen again - the same can't be said for venues like Earls Court.

Yes, the Glastonbury (illegal) DVD is available - but that's no excuse for them not releasing an official version. If anything, surely that says they're NOT cashing in?


From Muse.mu
The tracklisting for the absolution tour dvd, released december 12th, can now be confirmed. it is as follows.


new born
sing for absolution
muscle museum
apocalypse please
ruled by secrecy
butterflies & hurricanes
time is running out
plug in baby


fury (los angeles)
the small print (earls court)
stockholm syndrome (earls court)
the groove in the states (cincinnati/san diego)

plus hidden extras!

Thanks to jack for this.