Drowned In Sound The Resistance Review

Drowned in Sound have given a track-by-track review of The Resistance, rating it 9/10


A glam-rock 'Robot Rock' (Daft Punk) meets 'Stand and Deliver' (Adam Ant) synth throb, the combined effect of which is a little like Belgian band Millionaire. Or rather this is this album's 'Supermassive Black Hole' but with a riff a little like Battles' 'Atlas' but with intermittent Blondie 'Call Me' guitar squeals. Matt Bellamy's lyrics on this opening track kick things off in battle mode: "A fat cats had a heart attack...we've gotta unify and let the flag ascend....they will not control us, we will be victorious."
The Resistance

A tiny piano line, then drums like galloping the white horses of a tsunami. There's an odd nod to the Public Image Limited track 'Rise' with Bellamy pondering: "He could be wrong, could be wrong...couldn't be right?" However, this track is pretty much the album's concept summed up with the line "Love is our resistance..." but don't panic, this isn't an album free of sci-fi conspiracy, as Matt sings "our lips must always be sealed" before a thunder 'n' lightning-like Kate Bush 'Running Up That Hill' homage snaps and rumbles as the track ends.