Drowned in Sound Review

Drowned in sound reviewed Time is Running Out

This is what they said

My God, there’s so much to hate about Muse; the pompous frippery, the vocal nobbery, the in-built desire to fuck people off; the hair; the complete virtuosity of musicianship which is so completely unnecessary. So why, WHY do I find myself listening to ‘Time Is Running Out’ again and again, torturing myself like a vegan staring at a McChicken Sandwich?

Is it because of the song’s residing humanity that is so often lacking in Matt Bellamy’s material? Not really, though it is there. Is it because of the impressively obese cyber-rock production? Not particularly, though it does sound like WW3 taking place in the midst of the biggest rock concert of all time. Is it because of the shuddering bass, massive major chord progression or hell for leather drums? No. I like it because it is quite simply a TUNE.

Till the next time Bellamy. You may have won the Single Of The Week battle, but the war is… etc etc. Quite.

Interesting :p