Drones Tour - Designed by Moment Factory

According to this article (in French), Moment Factory will be working with Muse on their upcoming Drones tour. They've worked with the likes of Imagine Dragons, Madonna and NIN in the past, so we're looking forward to something visually and technically masterful.

A kind Reddit user (thanks, quietprotag!) translated the article below:

"We're currently working on the content of the next tour of English rock band Muse that will start this fall", announced Pierre-Luc Paiement, marketing director and communications of Moment Factory. The studio, behind Imagine Dragons and Madonna tours will have fun with the band Muse, known for their spectacular tours. In April 2013, Muse did two sell-out gigs at Bell Center, in Montreal. A sort of spaceship landed on the scene, transformed into an movable structure. We'll have to see how Moment Factory will work in the tour for their new album Drones."

The rest of the article talks about their current project with Imagine Dragons.

Moment Factory is a Montreal-based new media and entertainment studio that specializes in creating multimedia environments that combine video, lighting design, architecture, animation, sound and special effects. They also worked with Nine Inch Nails and Arcade Fire.