Drones, Psychos, Artwork and Teasers. Just another week in the world of Muse

Well, well, well... what a week. As the launch of Drones draws ever closer, we take a look at the teasers and tidbits of information sneaking their way onto the interwebs.

We've had Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts from Muse, Tom Kirk and Matt Mahurin (he's in charge of the LP's artwork), as well as an early interview with Ticketmaster to whet our appetites.

So let's get started.

Matt has hinted that the next single will be titled 'Psycho', in a series of tweets going back and forth between himself and fans.

If that wasn't enough, he's also tweeted a number of controversial articles on the subject of politics and psychopaths, suggesting they will play a theme in track #1 of the album.

Whilst Matt has been pontificating, Tom Kirk has been teasing. Instagram, though, has taken centre stage, with posts by Muse hinting that the album will hit stores mid-June (notice the 0615):

A photo posted by @muse on

If that wasn't enough, Matt has conducted his first interview in what seems like an age. He discusses going back to their roots, the infamous Citizen Erased sequel, and themes on the new album.

Still want more? OK then. Matt Mahurin, Drones artist extraodinaire, posted this earlier today.

I'm exhausted. Bring on the new single!