Dream Theaters Octavarium Influenced by Muse

[update] To all those who misunderstood, im not bashing Dream Theater at all! I love them - they're one of my favourite bands :). And, sorry about the spelling mistakes! [/update]

The new album from Dream Theater, Octavarium is due to be released on the 7th of June.

A promo single has been sent out to radio DJs and those "in the know" with the tracks "These Walls" and "Panic Attack" included.

These Walls has excerpts of Muse's "Time Is Running Out" while "Panic Attack" has a heavy Muse influence to it, sounding similar to "Debase Mason's Grog" (Message Board Song) by Muse.

Apparently, (thanks to drbob), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater's drummer) has recently developed a keen taste for Muse, and had this to say on his site:


What rock have I been living under???
How could I never have heard these guys?

John Petrucci just turned me onto their latest CD "Absolution" and I am blown away!!
(I also have to honestly say after 19 years together, this is the first time he ever introduced me to a band!!!)

I'm sure they have endlessly been compared to Radiohead, but I can't help doing it as well...
This is the album I've been waiting for Radiohead to make since The Bends and OK Computer....(plus throw in some Queen influence for good measure)

I have some serious catching up to do and a favorite new band!


You can buy Dream Theater's Octavorium, Here