Dream Theater cover Muse

Last night (26.10), at The Wolverhampton Civic Hall, shortly after finishing the first of their two sets, Dream Theater did a little cover of Stockholm Syndrome. I recognised the 'Outro Riff' that Muse do, before Dream Theater launched into the the instrumental/guitar solo section of the song. After the solo, the song was pretty different, with a drum beat similar to that of the original SS Riff from '02, but remained vocal-less as the singer (James LaBrie) had walked off stage for the intermission.

Also, before the gig, 3 Muse songs were played over the PA System (Sing For Absolution, Dead Star and Hysteria).

Lastly, on sunday 23rd, during a clinic/signing session, John Petrucci admitted his largest guitar influence at the moment is Muse.

If anyone has any recordings of this, we would love to distribute them!

Thanks to Yeto for putting this on YOUSENDIT! Download here

Mirror at Muselive coming soon.