Download Only Single - Apocalypse Please

Download single: ‘Apocalypse Please’ 23rd August 2004
New single: ‘Butterflies And Hurricanes’ 20th September 2004

“Muse are a band at the top of their game and their set gave this year’s Glastonbury its only truly classic performance.” The Times, June 2004

In July 2003 Muse released the download only single ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ breaking what had been up until then a year’s silence by the band. The noise since has been deafening. ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ went on to be one of the most successful download tracks of all time with well over 10,000 individual downloads. This was followed by the top ten ‘Time is Running Out’ single, the million plus selling number one album ‘Absolution’, and two more massive singles in ‘Hysteria’ single, and, most recently of all, the immense ‘Sing For Absolution’.

During this spell of activity Muse have toured almost constantly, time and time again filling arenas across the globe. In June this year they headlined the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival in a triumphant Sunday night performance.

On 23rd August 2004, Muse will release ‘Apocalypse Please’ as a download only single. The track is recorded live at Glastonbury and presents a chance for festival goers to relive the experience, and for those that weren’t lucky enough to be there to get a slice of the action. ‘Apocalypse Please’ is surely destined to outstrip the achievements of the bands own ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ download single and become one of the biggest releases of it’s kind.

The download will go on sale exclusively at from 23rd August and proceeds from the download will support Oxfam’s work to end poverty. To show their support for Oxfam's work Taste Media/Atlantic Records UK and Muse will donate 60p to Oxfam for every download of ‘Apocalypse Please’ sold. The website offers 350,000 downloadable tracks and 10p of every £1 spent on the site goes to Oxfam; users can also join 5 million others and pledge their support to Oxfam’s ‘Make Trade Fair Campaign’.

Muse follow ‘Apocalypse Please’ with the release of another single ‘Butterflies And Hurricanes’ on 20th September 2004. Available on CD, DVD and 7”, the CD version of single will also feature a brand new concept in interactive audio mixing. u-myx will allow Muse fans to remix ‘Butterflies And Hurricanes’ without needing any specialist music skills or equipment.

Mixes can be saved as either a tiny 4 kb u-myx file, ideal for sharing with other fans or for entering mix competitions, or can be exported as full audio mixes to CD or iPod. The format is the first ever to enable songs to be upgraded with new parts, such as vocal or instrumental contributions from other artists. As ever, Muse are the first band to release in the format, with several other artists set to follow suit.

Muse headline V2004 Chelmsford/Stafford on August 21st and 22nd.

“Sunday night’s headliners Muse put in a career-defining performance… its an awesome finale to Glastonbury 2004.” Kerrang!, July 2004

So, next single: Apocalypse Please (DOWNLOAD) (23rd August)
Next proper Single: Butterflies and Hurricanes (20th September) - Uses u-myx technology