Doms Myspace Update

Dom has updated his Myspace blog again, this time with news that the album is pretty much complete! He also confirms that September is the month where things will 'kick off' and talks briefly about the tour.

Finished.. Possibly..

So, I think,,, we've actually finished the album. Its all mixed so we are just listening to it a lot to really make sure its done but we seem to be agreeing it is.
It sounds f**king great and is my favorite album by far, but the new ones always are.!
September is hopefully the month of kick off but there are still lots of things to get together before then. Like learning how to play these songs live for one.. That should take a while!

Just want to say thanks to everyone who bought tickets for the tour in the autumn. We are immensely looking forward to it but also can only apologize for some idiot touts that are selling tickets for £200 - £600 in certain places. Obviously this has nothing to do with the band and not something we condone at all. We can try our best to try and prevent this but as you can imagine its quite hard. All our tickets are a fixed price and spending more than that is not something we expect. But keep posted as some more tickets for some shows may get released later down the line.

Anyway, see you guys soon,