Dom reveals his first time to NME

In this weeks NME, Dom, along with many other artists, were asked to talk about the very first gig they attended.

NME Magazine

Your first gig: it's a right of passage. And in retrospect, often embarrassing. Here the great and good of rock'n'roll remember their first time, taking in everything from Ned's Atomic Dustbin to Bon Jovi to Super Furry Animals, to, um, Gary Glitter

Dominic Howard, Muse

"Ned's Atomic Dustbin was my first gig - 1992 Exeter Great Hall. I fainted! We were little 12-year-old kids, little weaklings, and we thought, 'Let's bowl down to the front,' and went to the mosh without realising there'd be a load of 18-year-olds jumping around. They just pummeled us. I got completely crushed and lost it. I breathed in someone else's BO and fainted. My mate pulled me out of the crowd and when i came round we went to the back again. One of our parent's picked us up at the end of the show and we were all excited on the back seat of the car."