Discographies Updated

I (egotrip) have updated and revamped the Discographies for this site. Check em out; they are especially good if you've got a collection going.

At the moment they are some of the most comprehensive muse discographies around, but I need your help (especially with the Compilations).

So if you check through the discographies and see a mistake, something is missing, or have a picture which can be used where currently there isn't one, then leave a comment by the discography. Cheers.

On Another Note:

I (Tom, admin) am selling my copy of Muse - Random 1-8.

It is in good condition, the case is a bit flimsy, but ill send you a new one if you want. The inlays are in perfect condition, as is the CD! This is quite a rare CD only released to Japan. If you would be interested in buying it off me, I'm selling it for around £20 (+maybe a quid for P&P). Anyone interested? E-mail me