DES - What it really means

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From Jimmy Hoots

I went to the 10/28 show in Winnipeg last night. They did not play the new song, although it was on the setlist. I did, however, get to talk to Matt and the guitar tech Paul after the show, and got the scoop. The song is NOT called "Dead End Street". Scandal! DES is not an abbreviation, but, rather, the name of Muse's tech who is supposed to put some sort of effect on the song. As it stands right now it is known only as the "New One". Matt described the song as "heavy" and descroibed its composition as somewhat like a piano piece played on guitar. He also said it was very good and very recognizably Muse-ish. Paul also described it as "heavy", with abit of wah pedal, and not at all Strokes-like. It would have been cool if they played it so I could have recorded it, but whatever, this is all I got...

So, There we go this is what DES means....apparently!