Daily Mail Brands Muse Unfashionable

This is a short piece a friend of mine found in the Daily Mail earlier in the week with regard to the upcoming shows at Wembley Stadium.

On tour soon: Muse

What are they known for?
Being unfashionable and proud of it - they put the pomp back into rock.

What do you get?
Insane stage designs resembling a spaceship's innards with robotic videos, explosions, balloons and confetti.

What's their secret?
The limitless ambition and wild imagination of lead muse Matt Bellamy, who believes in every conspiracy theory going.

Who goes to see them?
The untrendy, air guitarists, and Queen and Led Zeppelin fans looking for a home.

Sunburn, Plug In Baby, Time Is Running Out, Invincible, Supermassive Black Hole

Time on Stage
About 8pm

Set Length
An hour and 45 minutes

Where can I see them?
Isle of Wight festival tomorrow, and Wembley Stadium, Saturday and Sunday, June 16 and 17.

£35 for Wembley.