COMPETITION 1 Wembley Stadium VIP Box

update 2
Dear Muselive Members,
Thank you very much for your response so far to this competition. We have
had many entrants so far. Can I ask that when you send your entries in, you
just send the answers rather than writing the questions out as well so it is
easier for our staff to go through them all. Also, some people may get
responses to the entries saying thanks for entering where some will not.
This has no relation to people getting it right or wrong.

Thank You,

Have heard back from the organiser - apparently only half of the entries so far have been correct. Make sure you have everything done correctly before sending them off!
Thanks to surefire for teaming up with us to provide this great opportunity. The winner of this competition will receive:

* Accommodation for 4 people in a London hotel
* VIP Box access for you and 4 of your friends (Max 5 people total)
* Fully stocked fridge access in your VIP box

Personally, I think it's worth entering just for the fridge privileges! The competition is open to people worldwide, however transport to the UK is not provided.

Here are the instructions from surefire:

Dear Muselive Member,

Thank you for your interest in this competition. Complete this quiz for your chance to win V.I.P box tickets to see Muse at Wembley Stadium. E-mail the answers, complete with your Muselive username to us at before 10pm on 19th May 2007 to be in with a chance.

All correct quizzes will be entered into a draw and the winner will be announced on the Muselive website soon after the competition deadline. This competition is free; however a donation towards the charity of the winner’s choice will be gratefully accepted. The Muselive team will be sorting out the charity donations. The winner will be asked for their address so we can send the tickets. Your address will not be passed on to any other company or individual.

Thank you, and good luck.

1. Name 2 songs off of “This is a Muse Demo”?
2. How many times have Muse won the “Best Live Act” award at the Brits and in
what year(s)?
3. “War is overdue, the time has come for you” are lyrics from which Muse Song?
4. Who did Matt Bellamy fall out with after turning down the offer of supporting
their band during their “Day at the Races” gig?
5. In 2004, which gig did the band announce as being “The gig of our lives”?
6. Who supported Muse during their gigs at Wembley Arena in 2006?
7. In which year did Muse headline the Reading and Leeds festivals?
8. Which of these songs have Muse covered?

 “Bartender and the Thief” – Stereophonics
 “Street Spirit” – Radiohead
 “Can’t take my eyes off you” – Frankie Valli
 “Barbie Girl” – Aqua

9. What is the name of the bonus track on the Japanese release of “Black Holes and
10.Which Muse song was the top download of 2006?

Good Luck! will be donating to the charity of the winner's choice on their behalf, unless they wish to do so themselves. Please try to refrain from posting the answers in the comments!

If anyone has any questions, please post in the comments, or send me a PM :)