Chris Speaks Out About the New Album

Chris has been in an interview with the rockmag magazine, this is an English translation (not sure of source - possibly Microcuts):

Silent since their last interview in May 2005, the English Muse worked hard and are finishing the after Absolution, which could land near the 27th of May. From the mixing studio, Chris Wolstenholme speaks the first to give us a first taste of their 4th album.

RM : How long have you been in studio ?
CW : We entered in August in the Miraval Studio, in southern France, after a break to rest after the Tour. We had several songs we wanted to work with while writing other ones. We lived in the studio provided with a wonderful site. During a big month, we essentially rehearsed while recording from time to time, when ideas were getting concreted. In fact, the biggest part of this recording took place in New York until Christmas. It was greatly concentrated on the album, in the hotel to think about new ideas or in the studio to work with them. We hardly disconnected from the album. After the Christmas rest, we went to London to mix and we are still there doing it. If it goes on, we shall have spent almost as much time mixing as recording !!

RM : you take your time, we can see …
CW : Yes, we decided to do so for this album. We wanted to take our time to put down our ideas, try things and be sure until the end we could get a pleasant result, without hurrying. Showbiz and Origin of Symetry had been recorded rapidly and since Absolution, we prefer to have a cooler pace. We already have 20 finished songs, but nothing is definite. We are going to mix them before choosing what will appear or won't appear in the album.