Chris Interview - Metro

The return of Muse to the studio is planned for Autumn but the date for the start of recording isn’t settled yet. For now, the band's schedule has a few gigs here and there. Gigs that, without the pressure of a tour, are faced with great calmness. The same happened on the past 6th June, when singer Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard took the stage at Rock in Rio Lisboa. Hours before the gig in Bela Vista Park, Chris recalled the last stop in Portugal, talked about new challenges and about the new spirit of the British trio.

Q: What made you come back?
We had decided not to do any gigs while we worked on the new album. That's what happened last time, we stopped for almost a year and when we returned we were out of shape. This time it looked like a good idea to do a few [gigs], despite not being on tour, just playing here and there. We chose to come to Portugal because it's a country where we haven't played that many times and also because we had never played at this festival.

Q: You sold out Campo Pequeno in 2006. What memories do you have about that date?
We talked about that on our way to the hotel. The first gig of that tour, in Bilbao, was not very good. The gig in Portugal was the following day and it was fantastic. We didn’t start the tour well, we were all in a bad mood and after Lisbon we got more excited. It was in a bullring, wasn't it? I remember the crowd was very good....