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"The British trio Muse has, for some reason, been called a prog band, as if the group worships at the altar of Yes or Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Bassist Chris Wolstenholme doesn't understand it, either.

"I kind of find it funny, really," he says from Atlanta on a tour that stops Tuesday in Storrs. "I'm not quite sure where it comes from. You listen to bands like Pink Floyd and you think, well, that's prog, and I can't really see the pattern to that kind of thing."

True, the band does have a few songs that Wolstenholme calls "six-minute, seven-minute monsters that go off a little bit and are a bit more experimental," but Muse isn't as concerned with complex time signatures and flashy instrumental virtuosity as it is with conveying ideas in the songs.

"I think some of the best lyrics are when someone is singing something and you feel like they could be singing about you," he says. "It's a feeling you share."