The Brits are coming shows: (Muse perform in one)

BRITS are Coming 1
Televised Sat 24th Jan, 12:30 on ITV1
Rerun Tues 10th Feb, 24:00 on ITV1

BRITS are Coming 2
Televised Sat 7th Feb at 12:30 on ITV1
Rerun Thurs 12th Feb, 24:00 on ITV1

BRITS are Coming 3
Televised Sat 14th Feb, 12:30 on ITV1
Rerun Mon 16th Feb, 24:00 on ITV2

Not sure which one they're performing in though.

Also, thanks to Lurid Toblerone on our forums for this:

Voting for The Brit Awards commences at midnight today at
You can vote for Muse in the Best British Rock category.
They are currently favourites in the category, even ahead of The D*ness!
So make your vote count. Make sure the correct gang of pompous rockers win!