Bordeaux 3110 Setlist Starlight Screensaver

  1. Take A Bow
    02. Hysteria
    03. Map Of The Problematique
    04. Butterflies & Hurricanes
    05. New Born
    06. Plug In Baby
    07. Forced In
    08. Bliss
    09. Citizen Erased
    10. Hoodoo
    11. Invincible
    12. Supermassive Black hole
    13. Starlight
    14. Time Is Running Out
    15. Stockholm Syndrome
    16. Muscle Museum
    17. Knights Of Cydonia

    Citizen Erased has returned to the setlist, it seems!

    The starlight screensaver finished it's countdown at midnight last night, and the message ¨// THIS IS THE END¨ popped up with a link to included.

    Fans will be able to upload a photo of themselves and ask questions to Muse, however specific details are unknown right now.