Beta Feedback

Hey everyone.

Hopefully most of you now have had a quick glimpse of the new beta site. We know there were a lot of bugs, but that's the basic jist of things.

You've pointed out a lot of things which we were already aware of and made some brilliant suggestions as to how we could improve certain design elements. We've had a bit of a sticky time trying to think of ways to improve the interface, but thanks to your comments, the Beta 2 release it going to look fantastic!

To summarise, for Beta 2... The following (design) improvements will be made.

- Heavier transparency / possible opacity in news section. Fix rarely appearing bug on homepage which makes it look funny.
- Colour hierarchy for text. To distinguish titles from content, etc.
- More obvious divides between segments of information


- Complete restructuring - Use of opacity, heavier transparency etc.
- Avatars (already planned)
- Differentiation between different posts
- Experimentation with different colours
- Cleaner layout.

We are also continuously updating the technical side of the site - IE build may not be ready for the next beta, but it WILL be ready by the final release. If we've forgotten anything, please submit a ticket to us (couple of news posts down).

Thanks guys, Thuys. xxx