Bellamy - Wed like to do something with the teddies

"Muse have made an album of genius, brilliance and beauty. What’s the point in being defensive about that?"

In a recent interview with The Times (UK broadsheet newspaper), Matt Bellamy reveals his plans for the band's next video (to support Uprising).

“We’d like to do something with the teddies, definitely,” Bellamy giggles. “The idea is to have this large group of them staging an uprising, causing chaos; on a protest march outside parliament, that sort of thing. I’ve always found that side of human psychology fasci­nating; the way that we project our emotions onto things such as pets, toys, objects. So a large group of toy bears forming a sinister teddy uprising might be interesting.”
The article goes on to talk about the history of Muse and their possible future exploits. Read on to view the whole article. ...