BBC review Exeter gig

It was a very cold winter's night to watch Muse in a cattle shed (the only gig when I kept my fleece on for half of the time.)

There was a perfectly timed delay to the performance and some rather worrying acrobatics by one of the stage crew on the lighting rig.

It all helped to wind the audience up to a state of frenzy in anticipation of the main event.

We weren't disappointed and the trouble is I don't feel equipped to do Muse justice. I'd rather not use cliches like awesome, mind-blowing and sensational but they are all true.

Muse were bang on form!
Everything was there. All my favourites from Absolution, Time is Running Out, Stockholm Syndrome, and Hysteria got us all going - not so much a mosh more of a group bounce.

Also still sounding fantastic, Bliss, Plug In Baby, and Hyper Music took us all back to the Origin of Symmetry album.

A special mention for Sing For Absolution, which was a stunner, and the perfect encore in Blackout which had the best feedback solo ever.

If you want me to pick out my best moment it was Newborn, which has always had a power over me and illustrates what I think Muse do best - the ability to lull you into a dream-like state and then kick you in the head.

I learnt two things about the band. Firstly, they are truly talented musicians. My husband calls it "musical genius" and I have to agree.

Matt, doing his thing
Secondly, you need to feel their music as much as hear it, so you MUST go and see them live because you cannot fully appreciate their music on your domestic stereo with the neighbours banging on the wall.

I haven't yet mentioned the stage show and other antics.

There was a hypnotic light show and backdrop and (goodie) huge balloons filled with glittery paper (but I'm annoyed because I never got to pop one.)

There was also champagne on account of it being Dom's birthday and I really got the impression the guys were enjoying playing to a home crowd.

And that's a reminder that Muse hail from Devon and we should be celebrating that.

Stuff Alex Parks - if you want to be proud of Westcountry talent, it has to be Muse.

P.s: If anyone took any photos on their mobile please email them to the website so we can all take a look (

Nice review :)