Awesome-ness - New B-sides

Read this :)

I have it on very good Authority (i work quite low down at EastWest) that on the CD version of the next single...there will be a very special B-side. A Completely re-mastered version of Muscle Museum, its called Muscle Museum (the Animatronic Elbow), i think the sub-name is a little stupid, but ive heard the opening 30 seconds, and i must say wow. Its so unlike anything they’ve done, yet they’ve managed to stick to the basic element of MM.

But don’t worry you’ll also be hearing a brand new track on the CD, its called Allied Spirits, its simply gorgeous, i wont spoil it for you, but there you go enjoy.

So, to sum it up

Next Single : S4A
B-Sides - Allied Spirits, Muscle Museum (The Animatronic Elbow)