Artwork Revealed

Fans given ’Absolution’ by Muse:

Muse took over London’s planetarium last week to give fans a chance to listen to their new album before anyone else. some lucky NMe competition winners also got to meet the band. NME readers jo and joe met matt before heading into the planitarium’s theatre to listen to absolution under the projection of the night sky and distant galaxies.
’As images of space are generally a good influence on our music, we chose the planetarium for this’ bellamy told NME. ’it fits in really well with the album - looking at the world from an objective point of view’.

It also revealed the meaning behind ’Absolution’s’ stiking cover, which shows a man with a gas mask staring into the sky.

’the blokes lookinh ambiguous and unusual. he’s stood there and he’s holding a gas mask to look like he’s protecting himself from something - and end-of-the-world scenario. but somethings happened and hes taken it off.
’he’s looking up and its judgement day. the aliens have either come down to earth or the chosen ones are flying away - and he’s looking up kind of thinking, ’why havent i been chosen?’ i think from that point of view sometimes!’

Muse will be heading out on tour later this year, which is likely to follow the extra-terestrial theme.
’Im builing a keyboard thing with lights so everytime i hit a high note a big light flash appears - like some sort of spaceship piano’ bellamy joked. ’like close encounters of the 3rd kind!’
Muse will release their new single TIRO september 8 followed by their new album september 22

Thanks to iammattsguitar for the picture :)

And this is what it looks like (click to see full pic)

Looks pretty good i'd say!