Article Muse at Woodstock 1999

Muse at Woodstock 1999

On July 23-25, 1999, 200 miles from the original location of Bethel, New York, was the 3rd installment of the infamous Woodstock Festival. Woodstock ’99 took place in Rome, New York, spreading the same message as it did 30 years earlier; peace, love, and understanding. Over 60 artists performed at Woodstock ’99, including a new, up and coming band named Muse. Playing alongside highly successful bands such as Metallica, Rage against the Machine, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse rocked the stage with an extravagant performance that energized the crowd. After their performance at Woodstock, Muse made a name for themselves as a band whose live performances were both electric and energetic, fusing many different music genres.

Now, 10 years later, Woodstock is still remembered today as the most inspirational, outrageous, and legendary festivals of all time. With the support of Michael Lang and Joel Rosenman, 2 founders of Woodstock, Sony Music, along with Woodstock Ventures, has launched; the revolutionary destination for the music community. is a new social networking site for live music fans of all generations. The site allows users to create their own profile and document their live music experience by uploading concert photos, writing concert reviews, and interacting with other live music fans. The site also allows fans to share their own personal Woodstock Experiences and read about other people’s experiences. Check out for all past and related Woodstock news, and start connecting with other live music fans

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