Arctic Monkeys Matts a creep

According to a local newspaper, Andy from the Arctic Monkeys said he wouldn't be watching Muse at Reading/Leeds festival this year, due to Matt trying to hit on his Mum at a recent gig of their's! He called him a "creep".

Get in...

...they're second-headlining the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals behind Muse.
"I'm not watching Muse after what he said about me mum," says Andy. "It were in New York and me mum goes to him, 'Oh, I like your band.'"
"And what did he say?" smiles Alex. "That she were fit?"
Andy glowers. "Yeah."
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghayy!" shrieks Jamie. "Where did he say that?"
Andy: "In't th'NME! He said 'She looked surprisingly young'. My mum fucking loved it! Our shop only gets one copy of the NME and they deliver it to our house."
"Me mum and me nan buy NME now too," reveals Alex.
But Jamie can't contain himself. "Matt Bellamy!!!!"
"Which one is he anyway? The lead singer?" sniffs Andy. "Creep."

(Thanks to A_Muser from the official forums and ~screenager~ for the writeup)