Album Listening Par-Tay Reviews ahoy

Thanks to for this review.

Muse (or their PR company type people) recently held an album listening session at some swanky London club, to an audience of about 60 journalists. The reviews have already started coming in - the general consensus is that we should expect to be blown away.

And if you're reading this Cap'n, we at Muselive are deeply saddened that we were not invited to this fantabulous par-tay, and have begun amassing a small army of tapeworms to wreak our revenge :-)

The fact we're wearing some ludicrously expensive headphones in an overly posh London restaurant means little. It's 'Black Holes And Revelations' unveiling, and you could cut the tension with a knife (or at least a few of the numerous cocktails and bottles of wine littering the place - slightly sozzled Ed). First listen time? You bet.

'Take A Bow'
Muse aren't starting things with a bang, or even a steady march. Instead they've plugged into an old Spectrum ZX and have gone retro computer-pop. Things all go a bit Queen, the entire universe seems to explode, and the lyrics get broody. "You'll burn in hell for your sins", apparently. Bloody hell!