Absolution Review - A New Muse

Muse - Absolution; one of the most, if not, THE most anticipated album of this year. Absolution shows Muse as they were meant to be, pure musicians mixed with raw talent and energy. From track 1 to track 14 the album shows us nothing but pure magic!! There is not one track on the album which i dislike. Ranging from calm ballads to orchestrated rock anthems, this album will not only blow your mind but will give you a whole new meaning to the word, "music".

So, here is my track by track review on this masterfully created album! says thankyou to rich costey and muse

Track 1 + 2 - Apocalypse Please (plus intro)
Originally a song played live generally know by the name, "emergency". The track starts off with marching drums, then develops into a huge chorus complete with "muse-style" piano thumping! Matt also shows us what his voice is capable of, reaching notes which i thought only mice were capable of! The lyrics, "this is the end of the world" pretty much sums the track up for you... Even the synthesised noises (if thats what you call them?) fit perfectly within this peice.

Track 3 - Time Is Running Out
This song is going to be a classic, wait, it IS a classic! Right from the beginning the dancy style bassline (complete with clapping!) kicks off the song and the track quickly develops into a song complete with wailing solos, melodies comprised of unheard of instruments and a crazy chorus (ooooohhh yayayayyayeeeeeeeaaa)! Our Time Is Running Out is a great rock song (which im sure will be covered about 50 times!!), i find it hard to believe how anyone could dislike it.... it's so..... muse! You cant really get much better than this....

Track 4 - Sing For Absolution
Takes a while to get used to this, but once listened to about 5 times it slowly dawns on you how clever the song is! Starting with an ery melody, accompanied by a bass line, the song develops into a semi-ballad with Matt's voice reverbing above the rest! The lyrics are quite hard to understand, but im sure it will grow on me. I can imagine this being played live, as it really has a lot of space for improvisation and crazy matt-style wailing solos / guitar riffs!!

Track 5 - Stockholm Syndrome
What can i say!? WOW!! If you havent heard this, you really are missing out! the single is available to download on the official muse site for £1.50. From beginning to end, this has the makings of a new breed of rock song!! Complete with guitar solos, wailing solos and a selection of piano interludes this has to be one of my favourite songs on the album!

Track 6 + 7 - Falling Away With You
Hmm... this one is going to take a long time to get used to. It is a very different Muse to the one we have become accustomed to. On a par with unintended this has to be one of the most beautiful tracks muse have ever composed. Like almost every other muse song there are points in the track which make your back go all gooey (<-- what a cool word!!!)... This is a classic, i can just imagine the guitar solos being played inbetween the moments of calm in this song...

Track 8 - Hysteria
.. Pure genius. You probably remember this track being played live, known as "I want you now!". Just think of that, imagine it with about 20 million times more energy, 50 million times more crazy wailing solos and you're just about there! Key lyrics, "Im not breaking in, im breaking out"! This is another track to go on the "most amazing songs ever" list.... ahem!

Track 9 - Blackout
You'll love this one, it's pure beauty! Complete with an orchestral backing, this song is a mixture between unintended and falling away with you... and... is that a choir i hear!!? Just when you think it's going to turn into a heavy rock song, it doesnt, it just continues with a distorted guitar backing! It's songs like these which put muse in a league of their own!

Track 10 - Butterflies and Hurricanes
This has been labelled one of Muse's most powerful songs. And i happen to agree, this song not only gives us a new perspective on the word "music" but also keeps us in awe for the entirity of the song! The lyrics "best, you've gotta be the best, you've gotta use this chance to change the world" really make your heart jump! Yes, i know this sounds all cheesy and corny, but really... it's immense!! It starts off as an amazing rock track with a great bassline, and half way through the song, everything just stops. Matt plays a solo on the piano based on Rakmanikov's 3rd Symphony, then... all returns... pure genius. Butterflies and Hurricanes is going to be the highlight of any live performance!!

Track 11 - The SmallPrint (TSP)
If i had to criticise this, i would say that it had been ever so slightly overproduced. TSP was renowned for being played at live gigs and the studio recording of it really does blow your mind. Complete with (yes, i know!) crazy wailing solos and unbelievably high pitched vocals this track just kicks the word "rock" in the ass. Key lyrics, Im going all the way, and be my slave to the grave

Track 12 - Endlessly
This is yet another example of the new muse we are all hearing. Another muse-stlye ballad talking about love and such! The lyrics really are quite emotional!! "i'll love you endlessly...". Muse have introduced several more scary instruments into this which give it that extra musey feel :D... for some strange reason this reminds me of Microcuts (!?!)... Not really a track to be played live...

Track 13 - Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
The lyrics to this track dont really make much sense, but still, the music is very sound. The track has an almost (please dont shoot me) pop-style to it, but im sure it will grow on me! :D... Key lyrics, "It scares the hell out of me"... I think this song will be a good sing-a-long for a live performance! There is lots of space for guitar solos (hehehehehehe... ahem.) and personally i think that they haven't reached their full potential for this track :s.... But still, very good....

Track 14 - Rule By Secrecy
What a way to end the album (unless you've got the Japanese one... grumbles...)! A very sedate tune from Muse, not really like Megalomania, but on a similar level... As soon as you hear this song you can immediately tell that Matthew Bellamy as written it! It has all the characteristics of a classic muse song. A slow bass drum beat, a piano and a very musey section (which is a semi-piano solo complete with strong bass guitar!! - wow... P&B :P). As unrocky as this song maybe, this is still one of my favourite tracks from the album.

This album is going to live on for ages, it has everything; emotion, rock, ballads and crazy wailing solos!!

Right, i know you're all going to have a go at me and say "oh, you didnt criticise them at all!!".... well, you are right, but really i did not find anything to criticise! I have tried to keep the review as unbiassed as i can but to me it's sheer genius. I can find no flaws!! Any comments, criticism (:s) is welcome! :)

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