Absolution - MVC

MVC are letting you preorder Absolution (the CD) AND let you download it TODAY!


Here is the review they gave it,

Absolution' is clearly the product of three mid twenties musicians at the height of their powers, determined to push their aesthetic all the way. It opens with the Armageddon drums and crazed piano drama of 'Apocalypse Please', with Matt at full stretch, proclaiming the end of the world. From baroque panoramas depicting the madness of fanaticism they cut to slinky feline hyper emotional rock 'Time Is Running Out' and then part the curtains on the dreamy, filmic, macabre love song 'Sing for Absolution'. With 'Stockholm Syndrome' they lock into the cyber-punk-fugue mode, Matt hurling grand piano against the wall of guitars. The softly ticking tenderness of 'Falling Away With You' provides respite, before 'Hysteria's Bach-bassline'd haute grunge stomp.

With 'Blackout' they slide into an orchestral waltz fit for Covent Garden (in the year 2030), followed by an opening out into the synth and string driven optimism of 'Butterflies And Hurricanes' (featuring the world's only Rachmaninov style rock-house breakdown), and the warm organ groove of 'Endlessly', a song that you might think to be under the influence of electronic pop, if it wasn't by the 'doomy cyber rock band' Muse. From grooves and highly human emotions they take you on a thrilling ride down an Escher's worth of spiral staircase guitars - 'Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist', plunge into the dirty riffs and anger of 'TSP' and float to the fade with the eerie 'Rule By Secrecy', leaving in their wake just a dazed grand piano and sense of having travelled to the ends and back.