Absolution Box Set Competition

There is a competition on muse.mu to win the Absolution box set!

Capt'n Kirk
Hope you're all well. We've got a competition running on www.muse.mu to win the brand new French box set for Absolution. It contains all the singles and DVD's from Absolution and is a bit of a collector's piece. Also thrown in is a signed photo from the band for the one extremely lucky winner (and the question is as taxing as ever so I expect there to be literally one lucky winner.)

Whilst we're on the subject of France, there's a collection of photos from Live 8 in Versailles in the media section. Thanks again to Mark and Greetsia from Hyperphoto for contributing some cool shots to the cause. Nice one.

The question is: Which city did Muse record their live DVD 'Hullabaloo'?.

Answers are to be e-mailed to muse@warnermusic.com by 22/08/2005.

Thanks to meep for pointing this out!