A whole keg o news

Well, firstly, the Q awards are coming up so support muse for voting for them here.

Also, muse are number 1... yes, 1! in the Triple JS charts (Australia)... vote for them again, here

Also, my host for videos has close my account for good reason! While i was on holiday, Hypnos uploaded some more videos etc of muse. The total storage space came near to 900Mb!!!!!! I also used 75Gb bandwidth!!! Well, i may be allowed another account to store some videos, but not quite as many!!!

Found this on the muse.mu forums, thanks to ShinyBiscuit :)

Since muse didn't go on Gonzo last Saturday (for obvious and completely acceptable reasons ) they are going to be on gonzo

Next Monday (the 8th)
You know, the day that TIRO comes out properly for real?

Just thought I would let everyone know. Even though you all hate Zane Lowe. I don't hate him, although I try my hardest not to hate anyone, he can be funny sometimes. Although his voice does grate a bit after a while. But this would be redeemable by muse being on surely?

And the most EXCITING news i have is that i might be able to interview muse. I emailed Tom Kirk and he says

pass me on the questions on this email and ill see
> what i can do.. they are fucking busy right now but might be up for it..
> cheers for making a site. tom

So, i decided to give you the choice of questions! Just post any good questions u have in the forum under the topic "interview" in general discussion and i will choose the best ones :)