A Review A Day

So it’s the end of our exams, and the new Muse album has conveniently fallen into my hands – whoever’s sick idea it was to leak it the day before my final Physics exam should be shot, rolled up in a carpet and chucked over the edge of a large waterfall. And then shot again, just for good measure.

Now, I thought about doing a track-by-track review, then I saw all of the ones out there that already existed, and blimey, are they boring.

So I’m going to do a track-by-track review.

But wait! To make things more exciting, I’m going to start from the end, make myself towards the beginning, have an ice cream and then eat a chocolate biscuit. I might make some tea, too.

First off, Knights of Cydonia.

It starts off with lasers and stuff, and there are some horsey noises too. Everyone loves horses, so you immediately know this song will be good. The synth and the guitars draw you into the ooh’s and the ahh’s, where Matt and his cronies make a splendifferic effort to remind you that not only can they sing, but that they can sing really, really high notes too. ...