A Day in the life of Tom Wilson

Tom: Why Lewis? WHY?
Lewis: Why Not?!

Tom Wilson is a very very completely and utterly unordinary person, mornings are not the best things for him especially after a night on the town such known as Penzance. He often wakes up and spends many hours wandering around his room and consulting books from 'How to eat Four Big Macs in Under 1 Minute' to 'Completely Unique Ways to Cook the Population of Wales.'

With fresh sprouts of imagination floating in the abyss they call his mind he wakes up and often moves to the computer before poking at it. After finding the on button his memory soon comes back and he finds his way to his mail box, this morning he didn’t only have a flood hate mails from a majority of the internet he also had one labelled 'Overdue Library Book - Sent on behalf of Cornwall libraries’ As far as tom knew the last book he had from them however this wasn’t the end of it, but for now it was.

He soon went over too his accounts where he found a hefty sum of money which he has collected over the years of begging as a hobo on the more popular corners in Penzance finding it amounted to just over £150.

Tom moved on to breakfast and went to the kitchen before eating most of it. He remembered the unusual mail he had received and walked back to the computer. Opening this mail he read:

'1780 days ago you borrowed a book titled "Where's Wally 'The Return'". Our records show this item is still on loan and a charge of £150.38 has been incurred on this book.'

Finding that the excuse, 'I still haven’t found him' doesn’t work it just makes you think...

What’s the point?