4th Single - BH

According to MicroCuts.Net, the 4th UK single from Absolution (Butterflies and Hurricanes) will be released in September with accompanying b-sides

Cheers to MicroCuts.Net :)

Also, some news regarding Muse in the Curiosa Festival (again, thanks to microcuts for alerting me):

My final side stage trip (and the only worthwhile one) was to see Muse, a British rock band who is often accused of trying to be Radiohead. Perhaps a more accurate description would be that Muse is what Radiohead would sound like if they decided to go for mass appeal and radio singles. Matthew Bellamy's soaring vocals were even more impressive live than on CD. The highlight of the set was "Butterflies and Hurricanes" where Bellamy showed his prowess on the piano before blasting back into the goosebump inducing chorus. The disappointing thing was that the band only had a 30 minute time slot to play and it certainly went by fast. Short of The Cure, Muse was easily the best act of the festival.

Muse Set List:
1. Hysteria
2. New Born
3. Bliss
4. Butterflies and Hurricanes
5. Time Is Running Out
6. Stockholm Syndrome