20000 Members

20,000 Members - Next, World Domination.

Yep, that's right - we've finally hit the 20,000 member mark! We realise that most of you are only members for our precious, precious media, but we love you all the same. As a way of showing you our love, we've gone and splashed out on a new server for the site, meaning that we can now store up to 160GB of media!

We've also re-opened SYS (Share Your Stuff)for you, after the 2 weeks it was down because of the server transfer... Now you can download again! Yay! EDIT - Technical issues encountered when switching servers, looking into the problem, will be back soon!

Muselive.com is going to see a few changes in the next few weeks and months, so we'll let you know what's in store closer to the times. More media, more options and more craziness!

We hope you all love Muselive.com as much as we do, and continue to appreciate the facilities we offer. Remember, everyone is welcome to participate in our friendly forums and have a chinwag. Even Muse do.