20 Things You Never Knew About MUSE

Kerrang! Magazine

They Were Named After A Porn Film
No, not Muse. Or 'Cum Sluts VIII'. Rather their very first incarnation as a trio cica 1004 was known as Rocket Baby Dolls, purportedly after a Japanese porn film. We've not seen it ourselves, but we have a good idea what it might entail. Let's just be thankful it wasn't 'Fucky Fucky'. Other early pre-Muse incarnations included Gothic Plague, Carnal Mayem, Youngblood and Fixed Penalty

Like Father, Like Son
Matt bellamy is the son of a pop star. And not some minor, played-bass-on-the-demo-version-of- 'Hi, Ho Silver Lining' pop star either. Back in 1961 20-year old Sunderland-born George Bellamy joined The Tornados on guitar. Within a year they were the first ever UK band to top the US charts, with their Joe Meek-produced instrumental single 'Telstar' - considered by many to be the first song to feature distortion and which went on to sell a staggering five million copies. It's commercial feat Muse have yet to match. According to Matt, the advice imparted by Bellamy Sr was: "Enjoy it while you're young and get laid." ...