18th Place for Knights of Cydonia

Knights of Cydonia from Black Holes and Revelations (2006) has reached number 18 in the Australian radio station Triple J's Hottest 100 of all time poll.

Look in the dictionary under ‘epic’ and you’ll likely find this, the No.1 song of triple j’s 2007 Hottest 100 countdown. Fusing everything from Matt Bellamy’s soaring falsetto, galloping drums, space-age guitar riffery (lines inspired by the work of Matt’s dad, and his band the Tornados) and synthesized trumpets, ‘Knights of Cydonia’ is an end-of-the-world colossal saga with a live-or-die climax. Throw in a Spaghetti Western video with a post-apocalyptic bent and you’re got one hell of a hit.

The closing track of their fourth studio LP, ‘Knights of Cydonia’ was written in a French chateau, early recordings taking place in the same studio in which Pink Floyd laid down The Wall.

After its release, everything got bigger. “Just before we go onstage, someone in the band will say, ‘I can’t do this,’” drummer Dominic Howard admitted to Robbie Buck backstage before of the trio’s mammoth shows.

“That’s usually the moment where something takes over, and the nerves disappear,” Matt agreed. “Oh it’s addictive, of course it is. I’ve not really dabbled in any hard drugs, but I’m sure what I get from going onstage is, chemical-wise, probably up there.”

It’s why, added Dom, “We’ve been on tour for about 20 months!”