Drones Speculation Heats Up

Speculation on Muse's 7th LP has reached fever pitch, with tweets and posts from members of Muse's entourage suggesting that the album recording process is almost over.

Tom Kirk had this to share:

followed shortly by...

A posting to Muse's twitter again points at the 'Drones' title:


A photo posted by @muse on

We're very excited!

LP7 Title - Drones?

Muse have really taken a shine to Instagram recently. Earlier today they posted another teaser for LP7, showing (perhaps!) another glimpse of what we might expect. In the clip we see a mixer with labels such as "Psychological Abuse" (which is turned right up), a screen with the words "Muse - Drones" on, and can hear a soldier being shouted at by his superior.

Classic Muse? See for yourself...

Un vĂ­deo publicado por @muse el

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