It appears that the recording process for Muse's next album has begun at AIR studios in Hampstead, London. A tweet by @JAiggins shows a couple of Muse flight cases, accompanied by the message, "Not a bad way to spend a evening working@AIRStudios@muse@"

by Tom

03 Sep 2014 16:40

Matt answered a few fan questions about the upcoming album today:

Matt, Dom, and Tom have also been archiving footage of the last 15 years, and Matt has promised to upload some of it on Youtube. 'Dom wets himself in Finland' was mentioned by Matt, but his favourite is 'girl pukes on bus in Turkey'.

Because this is Matt tweeting, take with a very large ocean of salt.

by Doos

21 Jul 2014 19:49

Better late than never! Muse have won the PRG Live Entertainment Award 2014 for their gig at Waldbhne, Berlin last year.


Muse in Berlin | Forest Stage | 14/07/2013
ct creative talent gmbh
GF: Carlos Fleischmann
Laudator: Cthe

Roger Kirschner, Branka Fleischmann, Carlos Fleischmann, Claudius room, Cthe
Fury in the Slaughterhouse | Expo Plaza | Hanover | 08.06.2013
Hanover Concerts GmbH & Co. KG Operating Company

Kiss | Forest Stage | Berlin | 12/06/2013
Wizard promotional concert agency GmbH

Rammstein | Movimentos | Wolfsburg | 04 & 05.05.2013
Autostadt GmbH

by jojo3110

03 Jun 2014 13:54

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy will feature on the new album by Kimbra.

The New Zealand born singer, perhaps best known for featuring on Gotye's 2011 single 'Somebody That I Used To Know', recorded with Bellamy ahead of the release of her second solo album, which is produced by Rich Costey.

Muse have worked extensively with Costey in the past and Faster Louder reports that Bellamy has recorded guitar parts for the album's lead single.

Other artists who are confirmed to appear on the album include Daniel Johns, Van Dyke Parks, Thundercat, Bilal, Mark Foster and John Legend. Kimbra is also reported to have worked with musicians including The Mars Volta, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dirty Projectors and Unknown Mortal Orchestra during the recording sessions.

Kimbra released her debut solo album 'Vows' in 2011. It featured the singles 'Settle Down' and 'Cameo Lover'. She will soon tour Australia with Janelle Mone.

by jonodillieono

12 Apr 2014 12:59

Muse covered Lithium by Nirvana at Lollapalooza to mark the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Check out their performance below!

by rancos

11 Apr 2014 16:28

Dom has updated his Twitter tagline to, "Raring to go on album #7 ..". Let the speculation begin!

by Tom

23 Feb 2014 11:46

Muse have kicked off 2014 by signing a new deal with the management team behind Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Keys.

Matt Bellamy and co have been managed by Brontone founder Anthony Addis (outside of North America) for over a decade, but have now left to sign an international deal with Q Prime - who have managed the band in North America since they released Absolution in 2003.

"After a successful 12-year relationship, Muse will be parting company with Brontone, until now their manager for all territories outside North America," a Muse spokeperson told Music Week.

"As of March 2014 Muse will be managed worldwide by Q Prime, who have been managing the group in North America since 2003. Apart from Muse, Muse wish to thank Brontone for its support in developing the groups hugely successful career so far, and Brontone wish Muse every success for the future."

The future looks interesting for the Devonshire trio. Not only is there a great deal of speculation around whether the band will act on rumours of them celebrating their 20th anniversary with an intimate tour in 2014, but last year the band revealed that they had 'no concrete plans' regarding what to do now that their six album record deal is up.

Warner Bros. Records bought Muse's six album deal from original label Taste Media in 2005 - meaning that The 2nd Law will be their last contracted record with them. Now in a new interview with Billboard, frontman Matt Bellamy said that the band were 'at a crossroads' and planned to take time off to think about where to go from here.

"Early next year I think we'll probably take a break for a few months and at some point next year we'll start writing new music," he said. "I think if everyone is up for it, we'll start recording music sometime next year."

Many believe that Muse are likely to release future music via their own record label, Helium-3. Helium-3 is a sub-division of Warner formed by the band before the release of Blackholes And Revelations.

by pima_bells

03 Feb 2014 13:32

The Wall Street Journal have published an interesting interview with Chris, detailing his fascination with music production.

I'd had small setups in the past but this was the first time I had built what I would call a "proper" studio.

The main aim was to have a great writing space but I also wanted the studio to have the capability of recording a full band if necessary. We had a small wine cellar for the control room and a triple garage for the live room. I'd always imagined that it would be fairly cramped, but in the end the studio was fairly spacious.

I used a company called Studio Creations, who were very thorough about the planning stage. They wanted to be sure that we were all on the same page before they started the build, so we had many meetings discussing technical requirements.

We spent a good few months ironing out the options before the building work even started. To be honest, the eventual build process was relatively painless. It took about six months and the guys were pretty invisible.

I had mainly worked with Pro Tools on my laptop and was relatively inexperienced with the technical side of things, but I got 24/7 technical support [from Studio Creations], which was essential.

I do most of my vocal stuff at home. Doing vocals is the most painful process of recording and it's great to be able to do it in the comfort of your own home.

I try not to get caught up in the technical side of stuff, and look at the studio as a creative tool.

The most important thing to me is having a great collection of microphones. Although I love vintage stuff, I didn't want to have too much of it in the studio as it has a tendency to go wrong.

I've been working with a band called Death at Sea. They are managed by our tour manager and I offered to record one song with them. They liked it so much that we are now making an album in between me being on tour. They are fantastic and I've really enjoyed working in the studio as a producer.

by pima_bells

20 Jan 2014 13:01

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    Redemption is great
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    Hi guys! I have a question, what do you think of exogenesis part 3? I think it's just amazing and the video is the most poignant ever seen
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    Hey dnr while I very much doubt it is Matt, I agree with you that it is a very nice piece and does sound potentially inspired by Muse!
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