Muse to Headline Radio 1's Big Weekend

Radio 1 today announced that Muse will be headlining the Main Stage at this year's Big Weekend in Norwich, on the 23rd May.

It’s been nine long years since Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme last graced the Big Weekend main stage. Back then, they left a supermassive black hole where Camperdown Park in Dundee used to be, having just delivered violent excerpts from their fourth album, the cinematic Black Holes and Revelations.

Three more albums (and a stunning Live Lounge special from 2012) later, and, well, it’s all kicking off again for their latest magnum opus, Drones; specially created instruments that look like guitars and act like items of weaponry, Matt Bellamy’s banshee wail causing aeroplanes to fall from the sky (possibly), and the final whistle being sounded on all of creation as we know it, in four part harmony with preposterously loud riffs.

That’s what it feels like, anyway.

Muse Planning Small Canadian Tour?

A well known Canadian radio station (The Edge) recently posted a competition on their website, giving listeners the opportunity to win tickets to 'see Muse play at a SMALL CLUB in a BIG CITY'. Called 'The Muse Edge Adventure', tune in later today for all the juicy details.

Muse are known for performing to huge crowds in large stadiums all over the world. But what would it be like to see them perform at a small club? How about you find out in person?

It’s the Muse Edge Adventure! Starting Monday…Here is how to enter:

Listen daily (starting Monday April 13th) at 8am, 11am, 2pm, and 5pm for your Muse Code Word Text that code to 102-102
The 102nd person to text the code qualifies to win the trip!
What’s on the line? A trip to see Muse play at a small club in a big city! We’ll fly you there, put you up in a hotel for 2 nights, and give you $200 spending money.

We’ll be randomly drawing a winner on Monday, April 27th.

Lethal Bizzle on Muse's Download Performance: Finish Your Set

Gigwise has uploaded an interview with Lethal Bizzle in the runup to his hew album, "Fester Skank". He talks about his experience at Download festival and offers a few words of wisdom to Muse.

"...He also has a few words of advice for Muse who are playing this summer if the crowd does turn hostile. "Don't walk off the stage. Finish your set. Don't let them torment you to make you feel that you have to finish early.... And maybe take some of my tactics: maybe do some reverse psychology and tell them 'Muse is shit' or something. Feed into [the crowd's] ego - and hopefully halfway through you can switch it back round and make them appreciate the talent that [Muse] are. Good luck with that mate!"

Watch the full interview below:

The Globalist is the Sequel to Citizen Erased

If you missed out on the premier of Muse's new single, Dead Inside, you'll have also missed a revealing interview with Matt Bellamy.

In the 4 minutes following the single's debut, Bellamy discusses the concept surrounding 'Drones' and describes The Globalist (track #11) as a 10-minute prog nightmare. More importantly, however, is that it'll also be the long-rumoured sequel to Citizen Erased.

Yep, it's confirmed! Check out the interview here and get onboard the hype express!

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